A Brief History of Disaster Portable Mortuaries

Disaster Portable Mortuary System (DSM) is a team-building concept which is gaining popularity and acceptance worldwide. Basically, the concept provides an environment that empowers a disaster recovery team to make the right decisions in a real-time environment. The concept also empowers the team to take immediate actions in a disaster site after the disaster has occurred, to rapidly establish the core infrastructure, care for the dead and wounded, while building a permanent infrastructure for the future. This team’s collective understanding and implementation of the concept can minimize the potential for human error and maximize the chance for positive outcomes.

The penn care team takes a full morgue with surgical work stations equipped with all the required tools for emergency operations. The core group travels to the disaster site with the mobile unit, they are called? the Virtual Resource Partner (VRP), the RSM, is suitable for all kinds of real-time decisions. For instance, a team could choose to stay or leave a patient, the choice could also be based on the space, resources and other considerations. A disaster portable morgue is an effective tool for managing the dead and injured at any disaster site.

Disaster portable morgue and hospital mortuary capabilities are generally utilized in disaster situations when there is a massive scale evacuation of a city. In these situations the dead cannot be safely buried in mass graves, so using a self contained refrigerated trailers is the only alternative for the community. As people are evacuated from their homes, food is left out in the streets, which in turn attracts rats and other rodents.

Using self-contained refrigerated trailers, teams are able to continue with their work, even while others are fighting a battle against the hungry and thirsty. By using a portable disaster morgue and hospital mortuary, communities can also continue their growing efforts to assist the homeless. The need to provide safe shelter for the homeless is growing as the population ages and more people live in smaller apartments. Disaster medical kits are also being made available to help in the continuing efforts.

This new system has been demonstrated in a number of situations including a massive natural disaster, Hurricane Katrina, tornadoes, flash floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and several other catastrophic events. In each situation disaster portable morgues were able to stand up to overwhelming conditions, with no risk of collapse due to overheating. The refrigeration system was tested in both dry and wet conditions without incident. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the portability of these emergency medical and disaster medical kits played an important role in saving lives.

It is also useful to know that the American Red Cross uses these products and has even trained members to operate them in disaster situations. It is not uncommon for people to wait hours in line at emergency preparedness centers before being assigned a patient. Being able to quickly and easily access a self contained portable morgue makes life that much easier for medical professionals and patients alike. If you have been victims of a disaster, know that your life and the lives of those you care about are in serious danger and that the penn care help is closer than you might think.  Explore more about this topic here:  https://www.dictionary.com/browse/fatality.

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