Disaster Portable Morgue – What Is It?

The penn care firm is an emergency response team for hazardous situations such as fires, earthquake, bio-terrorist attacks, civil disturbance, floods, hurricanes, storms, and trauma cases. In the past two years, we have seen major disasters to strike the US. Many Americans die in disasters and many are buried under the rubble. As a nation, we take good care of our people. But we fail to take good care of those who cannot care for themselves. That failure of humanity is evidenced by the sad tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and the lack of proper disaster preparedness and response that resulted in thousands of bodies being tossed into the water.

The solution to this problem lies in the development of portable morgues. These closed system cooling units can be moved from place to place when needed. In the case of disaster, they save lives. By having the capability to sustain life inside the closed system for an extended period of time, these coolers can be used as a temporary morgue until a more permanent facility is constructed. When the need arises, the closed system cooling unit can be opened to admit the wounded and dead.

Disaster recovery is complicated and time consuming. It takes days to clean out a devastated building, often months to get all the displaced persons accounted for and secure safely in their homes or elsewhere. In the case of natural disasters, it can be even longer. This is why disaster recovery solutions like a fully stocked disaster portable morgue make so much sense.

For a small business owner or other type of professional needing to rapidly respond to a disaster, a well stocked disaster portable morgue can be invaluable. These types of self-contained refrigerated trailers can be shipped via air cargo, sea transport, truck delivery, or Federal Express. The penn care experts are easily attached to a personal vehicle, van, or other large transportation vehicle and then stored at any suitable location. The emergency medical personnel can use them immediately following a disaster to begin getting patients stabilized before other medical facilities can arrive.

A disaster portable morgue has two major uses. One, the medical emergency services personnel will be able to quickly get to the patients and begin treating them. Second, the containers can be expanded or contracted to hold other materials like blood, drugs, or laboratory equipment. Since these containers are available in various sizes and lengths, it’s easy to find one that will fit the needs of the medical emergency services personnel and the patients.

In summary: a well stocked disaster portable morgue makes a huge difference in emergency response. These types of self-contained refrigerated trailers are used to rapidly transport and store patients in temporary medical facilities. The type of container and the number of patients a particular facility can safely house also depend on the size and type of equipment provided by a company. If an emergency response organization responds to a natural disaster, then purchasing one of these products can mean the difference between being fully prepared to care for others and having to call out to other facilities. This type of kit can also help emergency response organizations save valuable time and manpower when transporting patients from one facility to another. For more info about this topic, click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_fatality_incident.

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